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Hypnotherapy is a safe, reliable way to help you with many issues you’re finding hard to deal with on your own – thoughts and actions you’d like to banish or acquire, or emotional distress that is too overwhelming or has gone on too long. Hypnotherapy is a very gentle approach that can feel similar to daydreaming, without harmful side effects and is suitable for just about everybody…

The subconscious area is an archival library where many of our suppressed memories and emotions and forgotten event of childhood have been saved.

Hypnotherapy is a kind of therapy which allows the therapist to create relaxation and filter through the conscious mind and access the deep subconscious.


I am committed to help you create a PATHWAY between where you are and where you want to be. My programs are specifically designed to help you achieve your personal goals naturally!

I am welcome and Empower you in your journey towards creating a healthier, happier and stronger version of yourself.




Adult Services


_ Control of mind

_ Relive Stress

_ Pain management

_ Stop smoking

_ Sleep easier & faster

_ End fears & phobias

_ Lose weight naturally

_ Believe yourself

_ Improve public speaking

_ Beauty of relationship

_ Sexual issues and bad habits

_ Handwriting analysis



Children Services


_ Sleeping issues

_ Eating issues

_ Focus and concentration

_ Sport performance

_ School and/ or  test anxiety

_ Bathroom issues

_ Fears and/ or phobias

_ Habit control like thumb sucking, nail beating,

and hair pulling

_ Issues with divorce or blended families



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